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START HERE: Download & Installation Guide

Welcome to the Excel Campus members area!  There are two methods for installing The Hero Tools Add-in. 

The Automatic Method is the easiest.  Some antivirus applications can block the automatic process.  If you experience any errors then you can use the Manual Method to complete the installation.

Automatic Installation Method

This is the method described in the video above.

You will download the installer file for the Hero Tools Add-in.  The installer file is an xlsm (macro enabled) file that contains VBA code that downloads and installs the add-in on your computer.

The installer file contains the installation instructions as well.  Please click the link below to download the installer file.  


After downloading the file, open the file and follow the instructions on the first sheet of the workbook.  You can also access the installation instructions page here.

Note: If you accidentally skip one of the steps to Enable Editing or Enable Content/Macros, you can close the installer file and reopen it to go through the steps again.


The Hero Tools Add-in is compatible with all Windows Desktop versions of Excel from Office 2010 and beyond.  This includes Office/Microsoft 365. 

The add-in is NOT compatible with the Mac or web versions of Excel.  One workaround for Mac users is to use virtualization software like Parallels or Bootcamp to run Windows on your Mac.  You can then install the Windows version of Office and Hero Tools.

Manual Installation

If you experience any errors with the Automatic Method then you can manually install the add-in.  The following page explains the process.

How to Manually Install The Hero Tools Add-in

You can download the latest version of the add-in (xlam) file on this page.

Migrate from Legacy XL Campus Add-ins

If you have any of our legacy add-ins installed then you will likely see the XL Campus tab in the ribbon.  You can disable the legacy add-ins and migrate your settings to Hero Tools by following the instructions on the following page.

Migrate Settings and Disable Legacy XL Campus Add-ins

We’re Here to Help

Please leave a comment below with any questions.  You can also reach us at [email protected].

Thanks again!  I really appreciate your support and hope Hero Tools helps saves some time out of your day. 🙂