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Hero Tools Overview

Welcome to the Hero Tools Course

This section contains a mini-course with several lessons pages that contain overview videos of each major feature of Hero Tools. 

The goal of these videos is to familiarize you with the major features so that you can quickly start saving time with your everyday Excel tasks.

There are links to detailed instructions for the features on each lesson page as well.

You can jump to specific lessons or complete them in order.  When you watch a video the lesson will be marked complete, so you know which lessons you have completed.  You can click the Mark Complete button at the bottom of each page to toggle it on/off.

You can download the example file used in the videos to follow along and practice the features:

 Hero Tools Demo.xlsx

About Hero Tools

The Hero Tools Add-in for Excel is a productivity app that is packed with features that will help save you time with common tasks.

Hero Tools Ribbon Tab in Excel

Once the add-in is installed, you will see the Hero Tools tab in the ribbon. The Hero Tools tab contains buttons to open and use the add-in’s features. Many of the features can be accessed with keyboard shortcuts and through right-click menus.

Suite of Excel Campus Add-ins

We have bundled all of our existing add-ins into Hero Tools. This means you only need to install one add-in to get all of the existing functionality.

The Hero Tools tab replaces the XL Campus tab. If you have any of our existing add-ins installed and see the XL Campus tab, you can now uninstall those add-ins.

Hero Tools Tab in Excel

All future updates and new features will be added to the Hero Tools add-in.

Accessing the Features & Tools

You can press any of the buttons on the Hero Tools ribbon tab to access and run it’s features.

For example, the following is a screenshot of the Tab Hound window which allows you to search for sheets in a workbook and quickly navigate to them.

Hero Tools - Tab Hound Window

Tab Hound is packed with additional features that make it easier to hide/unhide, rename, protect, copy, and move sheets. It also has features to quickly add a beautiful table of contents sheets to your workbooks.

Settings Menu

Press the Settings button in the Hero Tools tab to open the Settings Menu window.

Hero Tools Settings Menu

The Settings Menu contains the settings and properties for all of the features of Hero Tools. You can click the left-side menu items to see the settings for a specific feature.

See the individual help pages for more information on these settings.

About Tab

The About tab shows current version information.

Hero Tools Settings Menu - About Tab

You can click the Check for Updates button to install the latest version of the add-in. You will also be prompted when you open Excel if a new version is available.

The About tab contains buttons to Export and Import settings. This allows you to transfer your customized settings to a new computer, or share them with a friend/co-worker that also has a Hero Tools license.

Learn More

Please click the links in the left sidebar at the top of this page to learn more about each feature of Hero Tools.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with Hero Tools, you can post those in the Hero Tools Community Forum. You can also reach us at [email protected].