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Elevate Live Q&A Meeting – April 2024

During this live Q&A meeting, we answered questions related to Excel, Power Query, Power Pivot, complex formulas, VBA macros, Power Automate, and more.

You can watch the recording above.  It’s best to watch the video in full-screen mode.

Excel Updates:

  1. Copilot Updates
  2. Ink to Text Pen


  1. List of Unique Values – Lee
  2. Report of Unique Items – Victoria
  3. Copy Query Steps to Other Queries – Angelica
  4. Convert Durations with Power Query – Ashley

The Zoom comments and Q&A from the live meeting are embedded below.

0:01:16Catherine Guerrier:Hi Jon. Joining from Saint John, NB Canada
0:01:18percy de la cruz:Phoenix AZ
0:01:27Danny van der Vuurst:hi there, Danny from the Netherlands. very sunny and warm here
0:01:28Rita Black:Rita – MS
0:01:30Pamela Walker:Phoenix, AZ Beautiful weather!!!
0:01:32Alfredo Morales:El Paso, TX Sunny 76
0:02:35Ruta Pucena:Hello from Riga city in Latvia! Sunny evening here:)
0:03:50Jon Acampora:
0:07:53percy de la cruz:I use copilot with excel and power bi
0:09:43Ashley Donnan:Good morning, may I please have that vip link for the files? I’m sorry I can’t remember it
0:12:18Jon Acampora:
0:12:50Ashley Donnan:thank you!
0:20:40Jon Acampora:
0:22:52percy de la cruz:can you please send the link via e-mail. since I can’t open the link at my work laptop. and can’t download zip files.
0:26:07Catherine Evans:I had the same issue but if you go to the bottom there is a way to download the files, instead of putting them in a dropbox
0:29:56Jon Acampora:Yes
0:34:42Justin @ExcelCampus:@Percy – The link was sent to your email address on file. 😀
0:40:18Ashley Donnan:rounding up
0:40:57Ashley Donnan:you are amazing!!!
0:42:00Ashley Donnan:thanks a million
0:42:59Ashley Donnan:yes – to the csv
0:43:51Justin @ExcelCampus:Power Query in Elevate Excel –
0:51:19Jon Acampora:
0:52:05Tom VAN LOO:Totally off topic: any evolution in the ElevateCampus beta version?
0:53:32Tom VAN LOO:I helped testing the beta version of the website Elevate Excel Campus
0:53:55Ashley Donnan:no problem
0:55:11Ashley Donnan:that’s in one column
0:55:16Ashley Donnan:then I have to tease it out
0:55:21Tom VAN LOO:👍
0:55:34Ashley Donnan:the very last name
0:55:39Ashley Donnan:yes
0:56:12Ashley Donnan:bgy
0:56:15Ashley Donnan:by or for
0:56:40Ashley Donnan:someone signed out a case twice, it’s by
0:57:58Ashley Donnan:Signed 4/24/2024 9:23 AM by Donnan, Ashley for Donnan, Ashley
1:00:26Ashley Donnan:extract
1:01:59Tom VAN LOO:I have to go. CU next time. Thanks
1:02:19Ashley Donnan:and sometimes another pathologist signs it out after the original pathologist, so there I would want the first name of the path that gave the dx
1:02:26Ashley Donnan:diagnosis
1:02:39Len Wolf:You can extract after “;”
1:02:47Ashley Donnan:yes
1:02:52Ashley Donnan:amendments
1:03:37Ashley Donnan:yes
1:03:52Ashley Donnan:yes
1:05:11Ashley Donnan:and then trimming spaces so it’s uniform for my PTs
1:06:04Len Wolf:Extract between “by ” and “;”
1:07:15Ashley Donnan:um first name if it’s one pathologist, last if it’s another person signing out on their behalf
1:07:33Ashley Donnan:well
1:07:46Ashley Donnan:if it’s the pathologist, but if it’s someone else that’s not a path then no
1:08:02Ashley Donnan:that’s why it’s so manual and I have to double check
1:08:10Ashley Donnan:sometimes
1:08:24Ashley Donnan:sometimes the pathologists resign out their own cases
1:08:28Ashley Donnan:if there were changes
1:09:00Ashley Donnan:yes
1:09:08Ashley Donnan:yes
1:09:13Ashley Donnan:complicated
1:09:51Toni Pulido:Gotta run Jon – thank you, you ROCK!!
1:10:19Ashley Donnan:thank you so much for going over that
1:10:30Ashley Donnan:I can
1:11:05Trevor Travis:as a possible solution could you not have a table of Pathologists names and then reference it for the extraction?
1:11:36Ashley Donnan:Signed 4/9/2024 2:02 PM by XXX, Cindy for XXX, Sepideh Maftoun Cindy is not a pathologist
1:11:59Ashley Donnan:thanks a bunch
1:12:32Ashley Donnan:can I send one confidentially?
1:12:51Ashley Donnan:ok
1:13:05Ashley Donnan:got it
1:13:16Ashley Donnan:thank you all!
1:14:13Jon Acampora:
1:14:29Ashley Donnan:two paths
1:16:07Ashley Donnan:thank you – I hope you all have a great day!
1:16:23Catherine Guerrier:Thanks Jon. See you soon!
#QuestionAsker Name
1I have one more question for the same file – I have to take this and tease out the name in a separate column Signed 4/7/2024 6:50 PM by Donnan, Ashley –> Donnan, Ashley
Can power query tease that out?
Ashley Donnan
2sometimes they are even like this Signed 4/16/2024 11:13 AM by Donnan, Ashley; Signed 4/17/2024 11:47 AM by Donnan, AshleyAshley Donnan
3many different ways with many variations – I usually find and replace *by, and then *for, use ASAP utilities to remove extra spaces and then use that name column to drive my PTsAshley Donnan
4Signed 4/3/2024 9:44 AM by Donnan, Ashley for Acampora, JonAshley Donnan
5This of the mark but can I pay my subscription by direct debit? If yes can provide details.John Davis
6thanksAnonymous Attendee

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