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Reimbursement Scripts

In this video, I share some best practices for getting reimbursed by your employer for your investment in this (or any) training program.

My overall recommendation is to not be shy.  I know (from experience) that it might feel intimidating to ask your employer to pay for something.  However, most employers want to see that their employees are taking the initiative to invest in their own education and grow in their careers.  Ultimately, it benefits both you and your employer.

The email templates I’m providing should make this process easier.  Of course, it’s best to customize them a bit to fit your situation and style of communication.

The email templates/scripts can be downloaded in the Downloads section on this page.

I forgot to mention in the video that you can also use this same approach with an in-person conversation.  If you feel more comfortable talking directly with your boss, the templates can be used as a rough script for the conversation.

Note: We are happy to provide customized invoices/receipts or any other information you need to submit the expense to your employer.  Please feel free to reach us at [email protected].

Please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions.  Thank you! 🙂